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Browns tickets are hot

Cleveland Browns helmet. (File Photo WOIO) Cleveland Browns helmet. (File Photo WOIO)

It's Steelers week for the Browns and tickets are a hot and pricey item. In fact, it's been years since there has been such a demand for Browns seats. Websites like and ticket brokers are getting big bucks for the game on Sunday.
"Just to get into the stadium. $150," said Mark Klang with Amazing Tickets.
The rematch between the Browns and Steelers is one of Cleveland's hottest tickets right now.
Klang says any Browns-Steelers game usually has a big demand. But prices are even higher because the Browns are 2-2 and still relevant, and they're coming off a thrilling come-from-behind win over the Titans.
"We've seen prices at about $500 a ticket on the high end, which is really, really high for a Browns ticket," said Klang. "The Steelers game on Sunday is the hottest game since the Steelers game in 2008, so it's been about six years since we've seen prices like this."
Lower level seats in the end zone are going for about $200 and lower level seats near midfield are selling for about $350.
There's only one ticket hotter than the Browns-Steelers right now.
"No question LeBron," Klang said. "Every time LeBron's going to take the court this year it's the hottest ticket in town."
The Browns may be ticket underdogs against LeBron, but they are actually expected to win against the Steelers this weekend. Las Vegas odds makers have the Browns as one to two point favorites.
Klang said when the Browns are good his business is better.
"It means a ton, especially when the Browns are expected to win.  It really escalates the enthusiasm and gets people to open up their pocketbooks more which is great for my business."

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