High school athlete charged with felonious assault still playing football

High school athlete charged with felonious assault still playing football

LORAIN COUNTY, OH (WOIO) - There is a controversy brewing over Clearview High School football in Lorain.

Nick Vincenzo, 16, never saw it coming. He was jumped, robbed, and beaten to a pulp in August on Center Ridge Road in North Ridgeville.

Jon Vincenzo, Nick's father, told 19 Action News, "They broke the bone on his face. Took his clothes and shoes and left him in the street in his underwear and socks."

Police arrested three young men and a juvenile, all charged with felonious assault. The juvenile is 17, so he will not be named.

When Jon Vincenzo saw the 17-year-old had played in the Clearview High School football game last Friday, he said, "It's disgusting. If you can't treat people with respect you have no business being in the arena. Being cheered for and being revered."

Jon Vincenzo had one question for the Clearview Local School District.

"Why is he playing football when he didn't follow your code of conduct?"

The Clearview Code of Conduct says any student may be suspended from athletics for "unacceptable conduct in or out of school."

Jerome M. Davis, the Superintendent of Clearview Local Schools sent us the following statement:

While we understand that the family and friends are upset with what happened, the administration of the Clearview Local Schools followed the code of conduct.  When we became aware of the situation, we investigated and discipline was rendered as per our extracurricular code of conduct. As in a lot of cases, someone is usually not happy with the outcome.  That part is out of our control.  It is our intention to follow the rules and regulations/code of conduct to the best of our ability.  We feel badly for what happened and none of us would want it to happen to our child or children.  As a school district, we followed our code of conduct and disciplined accordingly.  Our administrators are constantly monitoring the situation, realizing that further involvement could lead to further consequences.  We've dealt with it on our end.  Now we must allow the courts do their job.  

This juvenile wrote an apology letter to Nick after he was arrested. But no answer from the school board.

Charged with felonious assault, he won't be arraigned until November 10.

Jon Vincenzo fully expects he'll be playing again tomorrow.

"Yeah. He's pretty good. Really good. I don't care how good he is. He wouldn't be playing for my football team," Vincenzo said.

Plenty of people seem to feel the same way. Vincenzo's Facebook page is blowing up in less than a day with almost 80 posts. People worldwide weighing in, saying things like, "The School Board should be ashamed of themselves."

The next Clearview Local Schools board meeting is Monday, October 13.

Jon Vincenzo's not giving up.

"All we're looking for is justice. I'm his father. I will always fight for him," Vincenzo said.

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