Video of a convicted killer arrested on RTA bus

Video of a convicted killer arrested on RTA bus

We now have video showing what happened when a convicted killer got arrested with knives on a Regional Transit Authority bus.
Now you can see why a bus driver stopped the bus and called RTA police. An argument jumped off inches away from that driver and a passenger pulled a knife.

A passenger flies into a rage, now take a closer look at this video. The rider pulls out a knife on the bus rolling near 140th and Lakeshore.

Notice that bus camera also caught another glimpse of the knife as the man dropped it.

This incident led to the arrest of Bobby Fryer. RTA police found he threatened a rider with a knife and he had six knives on him. And we found Fryer convicted of murder back in 1981, a stabbing case. Fryer did about 17 years in prison.

The driver stopped the bus for RTA police. Fryer got a ride to jail.

Records show the city court just ordered some kind of medical treatment for Fryer, with another hearing coming up soon. He's pleading not guilty. In the meantime, Fryer has been told to stay off RTA buses and trains.

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