Dog missing from accident scene

Dog missing from accident scene

Family is frantically searching for their dog that ran from the scene of an accident over the weekend.

The Richards' family was in the process of moving to their new home in Scranton, Pennsylvania when there was a motor vehicle accident involving their moving truck.

The family was removing their dog, Gabby, from the burning moving truck cab she slipped her collar. So she has no collar on and is not microchipped.

Gabby is 60-65 pounds, brown/fawn colored with big black eyes and pointy ears, she is a mixed breed dog.

The accident happened on Route 76, near exit 16 (Barberton area).

If Gabby is spotted, please contact Norton police at 330-825-2491 or The Richards Family at 480-318-8745 or 602-769-3752.

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