Browns Fans Now Full Believers

Browns Fans Now Full Believers

For Browns fans there is nothing quite like hammering the Pittsburgh Steelers. Just beating the Steelers would be cause for celebration, but in this case the Browns completely demolished the Steelers, 31-10. So are Browns fans adjusting their expectations for this team? Some, like Lawrence Boyce, are not, "I thought eight (wins) and I still think eight."

The Browns were efficient using a bullying running game to set up the play action pass and that kept the Steelers off balance. Paul Zappala sees a better than five hundred season, "Better than eight (wins) lets put it that way," he said.

Remember now, the Browns were 3-2 after 5 games last season but Brian Hoyer was out for the season after tearing his ACL. Hoyer is healthy now and this is a much different team, they simply pass the eye test, they look good, and they could get better.

"There is a good possibility for them to win at least ten games," said fan Leonard Davis.

Brian Sako of Cleveland sees the same opportunity, "The way it's looking now they can legitimately get nine or ten."

Usually, and especially against the Steelers, we're waiting for the bottom to fall out. That never happened, the Browns never let off the gas and the game was all but over as the 4th quarter started.

Louis Hawkins is a long time fan and had the Browns pegged at about six wins but has drastically altered his prediction, "I project at least twelve wins," he said.

So it goes in the NFL, win a big game and you get big dreams, at least according to Catrine Siebert, "They're going to go to the Super Bowl, all the way baby, heavens yeah, it's going to be crazy in Cleveland," she said.

The Browns are in Jacksonville against the winless Jaguars next Sunday.

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