Report: Sexual offenses increase at KSU

Report: Sexual offenses increase at KSU

KENT, OH (WOIO) - The recently released

report for

shows an increase in the number of campus sexual offenses.

The Clery Act mandates what statistics each university must report each year based on a variety of campus crimes. According to the report, the number of forcible sexual offenses increased from three in both 2011 and 2012 to eight in 2013. Seven of those offenses occurred in residence halls.  While some students say the statistic will not raise their concerns, other express different experiences.

"I personally feel safe here," said T'Mayah Howard, a junior fashion merchandising major.

"You can't walk down the street without someone cat calling on you," said Jenson Trock, a senior at Kent State.

Research shows that while thousands of college students are sexually assaulted each year, only a small percentage report those incidents.

Kent State Executive Director of Media Relations Eric Mansfield says the university believes that the report does not indicate an increase in assaults, but rather an increase in the number of cases reported.

He explained the university is working to prevent attacks and encourage people to report the assaults that happen.

"We have an escort service for all students and staff to help them get to their cars at night and we have blue phones, emergency phones on campus," said Mansfield.

But even for the students who feel Kent State is a safe place to be, reports of any sexual assault are unsettling.

"It's a good thing in one respect because people are feeling more comfortable to come forward to say hey this is a problem, but it's frustrating to have this problem in an area that's supposed to be safe," said Trock.

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