Denver Broncos now America's favorite team

Denver Broncos now America's favorite team

There's a new America's team, and that team is the Denver Broncos.

Well at least they're voted as America's favorite team. The Cowboys had the title for the last six year, they're now fourth on the list. The Broncos went to the Superbowl last season and has maybe the most likable quarterback in Peyton Manning.

This is all according to The Harris Poll, they surveyed 2,543 adults (1,275 of them said they followed professional football). The poll was taken from Sept. 10-17.

The New York Giants finished as the No.2 team, Green Bay Packers at No. 3, the Dallas Cowboys at No. 4 and rounding out the top 5 is the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Where are the Cleveland Browns you ask? They're tied for No.20 with the Buffalo Bills.

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