Travelers have mixed feelings about flying through Cleveland

Travelers react to Ebola concerns at Hopkins Airport

Passengers at Hopkins Airport knew all about the news that a nurse who contracted Ebola, Amber Vinson, flew out of Hopkins Airport earlier this week.

Several have no fears.

"I think it's a lot of hysteria. I think that it's overblown," said Rick Matisak, who was picking up his daughter-in-law at the airport. "I think that we should listen to the scientists who tell us that it's not contagious, unless you're showing symptoms."

Matisak said the focus in the Ebola crisis should be overseas.

"I'm concerned about what's happening in Africa. Seriously," Matisak said. "I think we should be more concerned about that than we're concerned about some kind of epidemic happening here. We should be helping those people get straight over there."

His daughter-in-law, who traveled from Malta to Amsterdam and Detroit before arriving at Hopkins, agreed.

"It doesn't worry me," Jessica Matisak said. "I wouldn't think it's anything to worry about. It's been one or two, and how many people live here?"

But some passengers are clearly concerned. Several were wearing protective masks while walking through the terminals. Some airline employees are being cautious, wearing gloves and masks while working.

"It was a huge scare," said Tamika Freeman, who works for Delta Airlines. "You know, I'm pregnant. There's a lot of people who touch each other. There's a lot of people who pass each other. I'd rather be safe than sorry."

Rick Matisak said he's not going to change his plans to fly internationally next month.

"I have no reservations about flying. Not at all," he said.

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