Tallmadge man quarantines himself after contact with Ebola patient

Tallmadge man quarantines himself after contact with Ebola patient

TALLMADGE, OH (WOIO) - A house on Stonegate Trail is hemmed in by yellow police caution tape. The man who lives there quarantined himself after spending time with family member Amber Vinson.

Police blocked off the road, not for safety but to give the condo community some privacy as the city works with the State Health Department and the

. They are saying there is no known threat to the public health, and that there will be school in Tallmadge.

"There are no symptoms with anybody. No Ebola in Summit County and we have to rest assured in that," said Mayor David Kline.

No symptoms, even for the man who has quarantined himself in his home on Stoney Gate Trail.

Still, the Medical Director of the

says they are working to monitor all who came in contact with Amber Vinson.

"Looking at 2 times a day temperature checks, checking for symptoms. Looking for isolation if anyone develops symptoms," said Margo Erme.

Vinson was in the Tallmadge/Akron area from October 10-13.

"We're looking at constructing a good time line of the healthcare worker when she was here. Where she traveled, who she was with, and that takes time," said Erme.

Mayor Kline saying it has been a "learning curve for all of us" but is confident the CDC is in control.

"If it's not safe tell me. Gotta be honest with all the residents and schools if it's not safe let us know and we'll do what we need to do to take precautions," Mayor Kline said.

Mayor Kline was candid when he shares the real concerns of his constituents and how we got to this point in Northeast Ohio.

"That scares the heck out of me. How did this person get sick in the first place and how is she able to get on a plane to get here?" he asked.

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