Chop Magic: Danielle, Does It Work?

Danielle, Does it Work?
Danielle, Does it Work?

According to the commercial for Chop Magic, chopping vegetables the regular way takes forever, is tough work, and creates a mess.

But with the Chop Magic you can chop, mince, slice and dice in seconds. The secret is 12 ultra sharp precision blades that guarantee uniform results every time.

But you ask Danielle, Does it Work?

"It's not going to work very well,” says Angela Francis

"I'm a little skeptical,” says Rose LaRose.

It seems cool, but for some chefs, the Chop Magic seems too good to be true.

"I'm hoping it's made with quality materials. I see a lot of plastic, and to me plastic generally means over time it could break,” says Kathy Bohnert.

Angela assembled the Chop Magic by aligning the arrows on the side, and she was ready to go. She decided to test out the Zucchini first, cutting off the ends and putting it on the blade.

"I'm actually impressed,” she said.

Next up, potatoes. Rose LaRose stepped up to the chopper.

"That takes a little to push it through," she says.
Next up, Kathy Bohnert tested the Magic Chop with a pear. And this one was much more of a struggle. Bohnert even had to put the Chop Magic on the floor.
She got it to work, but says she doesn't think she wants to do her slicing and dicing on the floor. Compared to other slicing tools she's used to though, she says she does like the structure.
"I like that it has a container to catch everything that you're doing," she said
Rose Hotop cored a tomato, and was ready to slice it up. While the tomato slices were a little messier, Hotop said they would be good for stewed tomatoes.
The Chop Magic comes with two blades: one larger and one smaller.
Rose tried a tomato on the smaller one, but it just smashed it.

The directions say this blade is better for smaller items like garlic or strawberries. So what do the ladies think?
"I like it. I'd buy one," said Francis.
"It's workable, it seems to me like it does do the job of chopping," said Hotop.
"For some fruits and vegetables it was great, for some it wasn't," said LaRose.
And the ladies say they wish there were more blades with more chopping shape options. 

So it seems the Chop Magic, "could" slice up a decent meal.
You can get the Chop Magic for about 11 dollars. Amazon users gave it only two out of five stars. The Vidalia Chop Wizard got much better ratings with 4.5 out of five stars.

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