Thief-proof your home: Hear from a reformed thief on what to watch out for

Thief-proof your home: Hear from a reformed thief on what to watch out for

Mom, Porsche Stevens, says she's always concerned about crime. She's about to get schooled by a criminal mind.

"It's very important that she have a lot of noise, lights, and locks," says Andre Guy-Reed, a reformed burglar.

Pastor Reed may walk the straight and narrow path now, but years ago it was a different story.

"I was a burglar, robber, drug dealer, and pimp," he says.

Now he's sharing what he learned breaking the law to keep your home from getting broken into.

"Easy access right there in those two windows," he says, pointing to some windows on the home. "All it takes is a work truck, and a ladder, people think they are doing carpentry, but in actuality they are robbing your life,"

He shows the flaws in Stevens' home.

"No bars, once I get in at any point in your house, then I can go through your house," says Reed. 

"Bars on the upstairs windows. I never would have thought of that," says Stevens.
But downstairs is where the real work needs to be done. Exterior doors should have a cylinder lock as well as a deadbolt.
Make sure your doors are solid - not hollow. And for added protection, install a metal screen door or hurricane door with break-proof glass.
Pastor Reed also points to proper lighting and landscaping.
"You would put a motion light with something that makes noise," he added. 

In flower beds, choose wood chip mulch or gravel that makes noise when it's stepped on. Plant bushes beneath windows, but keep them trimmed.
And while you're at it, turn those window blinds inside your home the opposite direction, so if someone's looking in they see the
floor, not your TV.
Pastor Reed says, "It's the little things that stop people from coming into your home."

In this case, Porsche's privacy fence and patio screen present more problems than prevention.

"This is basically a covering for me, people that are walking by they think it's my house," she says.
A good rule for fences is to make sure you can see through the slats.
The pastor says a simple "Beware of Dog Sign" can also make a burglar think twice!
"I thought we were safe," she says.
"You are to a certain degree but you have to remember when a burglar wants your stuff, they will do anything necessary to get your stuff," replied Reed.

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