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Name That Scam: Fake investment opportunities, Apple account, and Income tax filing failure

Danielle Serino uncovers various scams. (Source: WOIO) Danielle Serino uncovers various scams. (Source: WOIO)

Investment Scam:

This is a scam I don't hear of often. It's from a company claiming to have an investment opportunity.
The first tip it's not legitimate? The e-mailer says, "I know you reached out to me before looking for a good investment.”
Well I never reached out to anyone, nor do they give their name.
The second red flag is that there are typos. 

"Don't tell anyone you hear this from me,” the email said. “We're suppose to keep in on the down low."

They also use a common scam tactic of telling you other investors have cashed in, with the stock going up 50 percent. 
If you do your research, you will see the RNBI stock they are telling you to buy is a company that explores mining properties in Turkey, not one in the legal Marijuana industry. 
If you see this one report it to the Securities and Exchange Commission by clicking HERE

Apple Account Frozen Scam: 

Another scam we found involves Apple users. 

“Your Apple account has been frozen," one email states, claiming you need to verify this email address belongs to you.
All you need to do is click the link below and sign in using your Apple ID and password. On the surface it appears to be legitimate considering it was sent from
But it's just crooks trying to steal your information. If you receive this email, report it to Apple by clicking HERE

False Income Tax rejected scam: 

Finally, paying taxes is a drag. And this email's subject line states your federal tax payment was rejected. The sender is "" so it looks legit--but it's not.
Experts say do NOT click that link. Your computer will download malicious software allowing the scammer to steal personal financial information.
If you see this one, report it HERE

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