BW clinical nursing students learning about Ebola

BW clinical nursing students learning about Ebola

BEREA, OH (WOIO) - Nursing students at

are going through a remedial course of protection and procedure in the wake of the Ebola scare. Student Jarrod Kissling is undaunted by possibility of treating an infected Ebola patient.

''If infectious disease scares you why would you go in the field in the first place?" he asked.

Students are also reminded of the formidable nature of a virus, which can mutate every time is replicated, which means a virus not spread by air yesterday could be spread by air the very next day. A fact university administrator James Fell knows all too well.

''There's a lot of unknowns and that's why we are having this lab today," Fell said.

A virus, like Ebola, straddles the definition of life as we know it, not quite alive nor quite dead. It does not need air nor even water to survive. All it needs is a host cell.

"True but it is something we have dealt with for years," saud Fell.

The 27 students who participated in the lab at the university are scheduled to return to their clinical placements at local hospitals on Monday.

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