Air travelers taking Ebola news in stride

Is it still safe to fly?

Frontier Airlines continues to try and assure employees and customers that they are committed to safety. The airline, in an email to employees, explains why they put the flight crew, that flew from Dallas to Cleveland, on leave, calling it a pro-active approach to safety. There

were long lines of travelers at the Hopkins Airport, most concerned, but certainly not afraid to fly. International business traveler Chris Spullen was in Cleveland from the United Kingdom.

"You don't want to blow it out of proportion but people have to be sensible. I think if people are traveling from affected countries they should check at source before they get on the airline," he said.

Travelers are not staying home in fear but some are taking major precautions,

"I double checked with a micro biologist to be certain I should be taking this flight," said a woman who did not want to named.

On her way to Raleigh, NC to see her grandchildren the woman said she was being overly cautious to keep her grand kids safe,

"I'm wearing clothing I'm going to throw away in the Raleigh airport. I literally have my next outfit in this bag, I'm throwing away my shoes and everything and I know it's lubricous but can you be too safe when it comes to children."

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