Quarantined Tallmadge man works in Kent State's finance department

Quarantined Tallmadge man works in Kent State's finance department

TALLMADGE, OH (WOIO) - In Tallmadge, police have closed off the entrance to Stonegate Trail, just feet away where Amber Vinson's mother and stepfather live.

"It's my understanding that this where she spent most of her time at that location," said Ron Williams, with Tallmadge Police.

Vinson's stepfather is Kelvin Berry, the Director of Economic development and Corporate Partnering & Community Engagement at Kent State University.

Berry has voluntarily agreed to quarantine himself here for 21 days after coming in contact with Vinson over the weekend.

While visiting the Akron area, Vinson had contact with two other relatives who are also employees at Kent State University.

The University says Vinson herself never came to the campus, but her relatives did come to work Wednesday morning, and left promptly when they learned of Vinson's Ebola diagnosis.

"We were notified by the Department of Health at about 12:30 and we've maintained a presence since then," said Lt Williams

Police are stationed at the Stonegate condominiums to keep outsiders from coming in, but they have not been instructed on what do to in the event that Berry attempts to come out.

"We have not, but he's been compliant, he hasn't been adversarial at all."

Tallamadge Mayor David Kline said that no one Vinson came into contact with is exhibiting any Ebola symptoms at this time.

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