Browns Thursday: Mike Pettine transcript

Browns Thursday: Mike Pettine transcript
Browns Thursday: Mike Pettine transcript (Source: WOIO)
Browns Thursday: Mike Pettine transcript (Source: WOIO)
On if DB Tashaun Gipson will practice today:

"Yeah, he should. My guess is, at this point, he'll be limited."

On if DB Jim Leonhard would be Gipson's backup:

"Yeah, to me, it just depends on what personnel group we're in. We feel pretty good about our safety depth with Jim and Jordan. Then, also 'Baddy' hasn't played much for us, but he does get a lot of reps in practice."

On an update on DB K'Waun Williams:

"We're not sure yet. I would say it's doubtful for this weekend just given the amount of time that it's taken for him to be symptom-free. Once you get in the protocol you're looking at a pretty good chunk of days. As we will be with concussions, we'll be very cautious and adhere very strictly to the league's policy. I would say it's – I don't want to rule him out yet, but that's probably a safe bet."

On if DB Justin Gilbert would play nickel in place of Williams:

"No, we would slide (DB) Buster (Skrine) inside."

On if LB Jabaal Sheard has had opportunities to rush the passer and on his role in the defense right now:

"He's getting a lot of opportunities, and he knows that there's still some improvement to be made. He's also a guy that he's had some production for us. He's also caused production where he's at least got the quarterback off his spot. He got the ball out quicker or he got the quarterback to step up into somebody else. I know the easy way to judge a pass rusher is just by pure sack numbers, but we look at more of the big picture."

On if he likes the way Sheard is playing:

"We do, but as with all our guys, he knows he can be better. There are just the little detail things of this defense that he needs to get cleaned up."

On if what Sheard is doing now is a lot different than what he had done in years past:

"I wasn't here. I can't speak on that."

On the Browns being 3-2 at this point last season, what difference about this team is other than the new coaching staff and the leadership from veterans that they acquired in the offseason:

"I think obviously it starts with Whitner and Dansby on defense. I think they do a real good job with the young guys, but I think overall that this is a very mature team that understands the overreactions that we talk about. They know that we're nowhere near where we need to be just based on when we watch our tape, not playing up to our standards at a consistent enough level, and then watching the opponent tape and knowing the National Football League. There's no one dominant team. You can't just mail any performance in in this league. I think we're mature enough, but having those guys, defensively especially, help us. Then, offensively, I think the offensive line, as a unit…I think Brian (Hoyer) now that he's established himself as the full time starter, and just his confidence grows each week. I think he does a good job just kind of being the voice on that side of the ball. This weekend will be as big a test of that maturity and that focus as we've had to date."

On OL John Greco's versatility:

"That's key, and if you come into this league and you're not penciled in, 'Hey, this guy's a left tackle and be a left tackle his whole career.' That's critical for linemen that they can play multiple spots. You look at (Browns OL) Paul McQuistan that's played multiple positions and is our swing tackle, but is essentially our first guy in. That unfortunately had to occur this past weekend. It's critical for those guys to get cross-trained, and that's important. That's the stuff we talk about in the offseason as a staff, 'OK, what's this guy's position that he has to master. Then, what are the two or three other spots where they could help us down the road, knowing that at some point during the year that we're going to have to mix and match lineups and be in a position where we can put our best 11 out there?'"

On what Greco losing 25 pounds in the offseason says about him:

"It's a credit to him and his work ethic. Just knowing his background, I think when he reads the stuff that's out there and guys are sensitive to that. In the offseason when, 'Hey, you're potentially the weak link or we're looking to replace so-and-so,' guys take that to heart. He's obviously used it, and you can tell. He's prepared and played like he's got a little bit of a chip on his shoulder."

On the Jets going to the playoffs with a rookie quarterback and if it is more comforting to have a veteran quarterback who is the spokesman of the locker room, opposed to a rookie:

"I'd agree with that because that's the natural position of leadership. That's the guy when you're on offense you've got 10 guys looking at one for the play call. You want that guy because I think it comes with the positions, but it's not a requirement. If you do have a rookie and you have someone…We had our offensive line was a great strength in New York. Then, we also added (RB) LaDainian Tomlinson, which added some leadership to that side of the ball. You can get by without it, but you would prefer it because – like I said – it comes with the job."

On if offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan's system makes life simpler for the quarterback:

"I've always thought that his offense was – you could put the term, you could use the phrase quarterback friendly with it just because of the commitment to run the football you're going to be in favorable down and distance situations. You're not going to be dependent on throwing it every snap. Then, with the effectiveness of the run it's exactly what you just said. Now, you're running play passes where you have guys that are coming open, and the pocket usually isn't that threatened during play pass because if you're doing a good job with it the run action looks the same where you're getting guys that are playing run first and having to convert instead of just teeing off. I've always felt that, and it's certainly been the case this year."

On if he and Shanahan go over play calls during the week:

"We spend some time together. It's more a little bit early in the week. Then we meet as coordinators on Tuesday night, and basically get together and share the plan, 'This is who we're playing. This is what we're up against. This is the plan. These are the two or three things we're going to try to get done.' We'll go over the depth chart, who the projected inactive are and sometimes the game plan will have an effect on that. Then, for (special teams coordinator) Chris Tabor, he needs to know, 'Who do I need to get ready? Who do I need to train as just-in-case guys?' We do that every Tuesday so all of us get a pretty good feel for the plan and all three phases. Then, I'll visit with Kyle, specifically. Then, I'll get in the offensive meetings and listen to some of their installation. Then, I have a pretty good feel by the end of the week about the plan."

On if he has made any big offensive play calls:

"No, only the (QB) Johnny (Manziel) play that failed (laughs). That was mine. Other than that, I've suggested a few. Hopefully by the end of the year I can get a few in because there are some that – even if I'm not saying, 'Hey, run it,' – I'll just tell him, 'Hey, what you're doing here, this causes major problems defensively.' That's where I think I can contribute. I'm not going to go over and micromanage and try to get stuff in there. If there's something I see I'll certainly bring it up."

On why the game against the Jaguars will be the biggest test of the team's maturity to date:

"I just think of all the circumstances – what we're having to overcome with the two-man change in the offensive line, having overcome the loss of (Browns DL) Armonty Bryant, going on the road where we haven't started games well, then all the circumstances talking about Jacksonville, that this is a better team than what their record shows. They're hungry. They're competitive. They're prideful. We're going to get their best shot. There are reasons why there are people out there saying that this is probably the week for Jacksonville. All the circumstances where you would say this is a trap game and I think as a staff we're just as curious to see. We'll talk about it all week, but we're curious to see how we will come out of the gate, as well. We're confident. We're hopeful and confident that we'll handle it the right way, but this is a big test for us."

On OL Alex Mack's surgery:

"I haven't gotten word yet. I know the surgery was taking place today."

On the competition at right guard and if OL Vinston Painter is still alive in the competition to start:

"He is. If I had to say today I'd probably [say] McQuistan, but we'll see. We'll get a good look today at it with the repetitions. Then, the other guy that did take some team reps yesterday, as well, was (Browns OL) Nick McDonald – very pleased with where he is with his conditioning."

On the possibility of McDonald playing Sunday:

"I don't know it being a case this week where we would activate him, but we'll be making that decision."

On not being able to go into a game with six linemen:

"You're right. We can't."

On if the Browns have plans to add another offensive lineman to the roster:

"That would be a safe assumption."

On if he ever coached with his dad:

"I did. Actually, what a lot of people don't now is he retired, took a year off in 2000. Then, I hired him on my staff in 2001, which people use the phrase 'good idea on paper.' That was a bad idea on paper (laughs). You can only imagine the staff meetings. I was his assistant for four or five years in the late 80's and the early 90's."

On Shanahan coaching on his father's staff with the Redskins and if he can appreciate how difficult it can be at times to coach with his father:

"Yeah, I think it's something that you want to do like, 'Hey, listen my dad's a coach. I'd love to coach together,' but there are the pluses and the minuses to it. I don't think he would trade that experience for anything. I'd hate to speak for him, but I think it was, 'Hey, he enjoyed it, but because of the circumstances there it was time to move on.' Like I said, I would never trade the experience coaching for my dad even though all the times he yelled at me and got after me. I think Kyle, I'm sure, is the same way."

On Jaguars WR Cecil Shorts III:

"He's explosive. He runs good routes. He's got a great catch radius. You just look at what he meant to them. In his first game back, he had the ball thrown at him 16 times, had 10 catches. When we preparing for them last year he had an injury when I was at Buffalo, and we had our fingers crossed that it would be just another week before he went. That turned out to be the case, but he is a guy that I think gets overlooked. Part of it too is he's missed some time because of injury, but when he's out there I think he is an elite receiver in this league."