Akron bridal shop closed, CDC working link to Ebola patient

Akron bridal shop closed, CDC working link to Ebola patient

SUMMIT COUNTY, OH (WOIO) - Department Medical Director, Margo Erme points out the bright spot.

"We have no cases of the Ebola virus disease in Ohio," said Erme.


(CDC) wants to keep it that way. Several CDC representatives known as an "Epi-aid" team are now in Summit County helping to retrace where Amber Vinson was Oct. 10-13th.

One of those places is the Coming Attractions Bridal Shop on East Tallmadge Avenue in Akron where Amber was picking out bridesmaid dresses on Saturday.

The owners voluntarily closed, working closely with the CDC. The people who were working at Coming Attractions when Vinson visited are home on voluntary quarantine.

"They will be given thermometers to monitor their temperatures, and our public health staff will follow up with them to look at symptoms review," Erme said.

That goes for all contacts of Vinson's who've been identified in Summit County, 26 total at this time.

"I'd rather include people who have no risk at all than miss someone who did," said Erme.

That's why the CDC wants to talk to customers who were in the Coming Attraction store on Saturday from noon until 3:30 p.m.

But Erme adds, "The majority of those people probably have no risk, but we just don't know individually so we're going to look at them all."

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