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Sgt. charged after K9 officer dies from being left in hot cruiser


19 Action News has learned that Montville Township Police Sgt. Brett Harrison has just been charged with companion animal neglect in the death of K9 officer "Beny".

Sgt. Harrison is facing two misdemeanor charges in Medina Municipal Court. 

He left Beny in the back of cruiser for four hours on September 28.

If convicted Sgt. Harrison would face a possible 90-day jail term and a fine of $750.

Beny died from heat stroke.

Chief Terry Grice says Sgt. Brett Harrison arrived on station at 10:54 a.m. and began working on paperwork related to several cases. 

At 3:13 p.m., Harrison returned to the cruiser and discovered 2-year-old K9 Beny lying lifeless in his rear passenger compartment's kennel.

Harrison failed to leave the windows open and the cruiser was turned off.

The department is getting safety equipment to try to prevent another tragedy like this. Police said they ordered a Hot N Pop, a device that will go in a K9 cruiser, designed to warn the human partner when temps in the vehicle get too hot and the windows will roll down automatically.

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