Hand sanitizer a popular purchase amid Ebola scare

Hand sanitizer a popular purchase amid Ebola scare

AKRON, OH (WOIO) - In the midst of an illness outbreak, there's one thing people tend to reach for: hand sanitizer.

Dr. James Arbogast is the Skincare and Product Development Vice President at

located in Akron. And if you don't recognize the name GOJO,  you're sure to recognize one of its most popular products,


"Purell has become the number one brand for hygiene," said Arbogast.

GOJO Industries, Inc. is a family owned company that was founded in Akron in 1946. Today it's the leading global producer and marketer of skin health and hygiene solutions for away-from-home-settings.

Arbogast explains that during an outbreak it's common for GOJO's sales to surge.

"We learned from SARS and H1N1 where there was a huge demand for hygiene products," Arbogast said.

Some may wonder if hand sanitizer can even fight off serious illness causing germs like Ebola, but Arbogast says little squirt can go a long way.

"We know Ebola is a virus, and it's gonna be easily killed by Purell and alcohol based hand sanitizer," said Arbogast.

Scientists suggest that people walk around with up to a million germs on their hands every day. Arbogast advises that people wash their hands often to reduce the risk of getting sick.

He says that practicing healthy habits are not something that should be done only during times of high concern, but everyday when illnesses like the flu and the cold are more likely to get.

"Don't share your utensils, cover your cough, and if there's a vaccine available like the flu, get a vaccination," said Arbogast.?

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