A mild Winter on the way?

A mild Winter on the way?

The dreary cold and snow, who could forget Winter? For many, it seemed like it would never end.

"It was freaking cold," said Isis Simpkins. "It was freezing. It was out of control."

"Really bad. It was my first Winter up here actually," said Dominick Pariano. "It was really cold. Roads were awful."

But, there could be some good weather news, that's if you believe a newly released report coming out of the

. Federal weather experts say Northeast Ohio may get a break from the extreme cold and snow this winter.

tells us the report is based on what the National Weather Service thinks will happen.

"You take any seasonal prediction with a grain of salt," Tanchak said. "As far as precipitation is concerned rain, ice, snow. It has the Great Lakes drier than normal. So if you believe what the Weather Service is saying we're going to have an average to a little bit above average temperatures this winter and below normal snowfall."

"I actually work downtown and walk to work, so to be able to walk and not freeze to death would be awesome," Pariano said.

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