Danielle, Does it Work? Party in the Tub

Danielle, Does it Work? Party in the Tub

(WOIO) - "Time for a bath."

"I don't want to."

This may be an all too familiar scene in your home.

The Cassatt family is lucky though. Because 2-year-old Curtis loves taking his nighttime bath. But he's got a short attention span and can only last so long.

So parents James and Laura hope a product called

will make bath time go more smoothly.

According to the commercial, it's a plastic ball you just turn on, drop in, and let the party begin. Featuring three light shows, makers claim every bath time will become more fun.

But you ask, Danielle, Does it work?

Dad opened the box and put in the batteries. Already Curtis was interested.

At first, he looked at the lights, trying to figure out just what this new toy was.

Then dad noticed a little leak, despite claims in the commercial that it is water tight.

"I'm trying to see if that thing is taking on water. I don't think the internals are getting wet though," says dad.

After dad's worries seemed to wash down the drain, Curtis really took to the toy. He dunked it, splashed it, and watched the colors change.

Mom and dad say this could be the time when they wash Curtis' hair -- something that's usually rather unpleasant.

"I think it actually lets him play a lot longer in the bath tub than what he normally does," says mom.

"He just started pulling the plug, and it's been five minutes. Usually after about two minutes he's doing that," says dad.

The Cassatts loved Party in the Tub, but the real question is what does Curtis think?

"Wow!" he says.

You can't get much better than that.

So it seems Party in the Tub is something for parents to celebrate.

You can get Party in the Tub for about $10. Amazon customers only gave it three out of five stars, with many saying it broke after the first time they used it.

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