Cleveland officers catch wanted teens after foot pursuit

Cleveland officers catch wanted teens after foot pursuit

Shortly after midnight on Wednesday, Officers Vic Nan and Marty Lentz were patrolling the neighborhoods of Ohio City as part of a continuing effort to abate violent crime in the area when they spotted three males in the area of West 25


Street and Lorain Avenue. The officers suspected that the males were juveniles and exited their unmarked police car to investigate.

As the officers began their approach of the trio, one of the males fled from them on foot. Officers Nan and Lentz gave chase of the suspect who ran north through the park at Market Square before doubling back. Knowing that officers Nan and Lentz were focusing on capturing their friend, the other two males escaped towards Chatham Avenue.

As the chase unfolded, C-Platoon Officer Scott Sistek and his partner, who were also patrolling the area, observed the pursuit and joined in, following the suspect in their marked zone car before also joining in the foot pursuit.

As the pursuit continued, the 17-year-old suspect from Cleveland's far east side pulled a semi-automatic, .380 caliber handgun from his waistband as Officer Sistek closed in on him. Still running, the juvenile fumbled with and dropped the handgun as he approached West 25th. Fearing for his safety, Officer Sistek then used a stun gun on the teen, causing him to crumble to the ground, ending the pursuit.

Hearing the pursuit of the armed male being broadcast over police radio, other Second District cars responded to the area to assist the pursuing officers. A short distance from where they were first spotted by officers Nan and Lentz, Community Services Unit Sgt. Mitch Sheehan located the other two males making their escape. Sheehan then broadcasted these males' descriptions and location over police radio. 

Officers Mathias "Mo" Varga and Fran McManamon rushed to the area and quickly took the other two 17-year-old suspects into custody with the assistance of Sheehan. These two eastside youths (one from Cleveland's far east side and the other from Euclid) were found to be wanted for multiple felonies. The 17-year-old from Euclid was wanted for robbery and a parole violation. The male from Cleveland was wanted for burglary and a probation violation/escape for cutting off and discarding a court ordered, ankle-worn monitoring bracelet.

All three juveniles were arrested and locked up in the County Detention Center. The firearm dropped by the first fleeing felon was recovered. The parents of each arrested male was cited for violation of the city's nighttime curfew ordinance.

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