Browns Thursday: Mike Pettine transcript

Browns Thursday: Mike Pettine transcript
On if WR Miles Austin is expected to recover fully from his kidney injury or if it is career ending:

"It's my understanding that he'll recover from this. I haven't heard it phrased in any other way. He got back last night and has a follow-up appointment today with our people here. The news was positive. Like I said, he was just kept there more from a precautionary."

On what the offense will miss with Austin not being on the field:

"The on the field stuff is simple. It's his production. He made some clutch plays for us. He could go for a period of time where he didn't have much production, and all of a sudden when we needed it – when it was a big third down, when it was a two-minute drive. You just look back at some of the plays that he's made, and that's what we'll miss for sure."

On if OL Nick McDonald will start at center on Sunday:

"Still haven't determined that yet. We've been working both guys."

On if the offense worked both guys in practice like that before:


On it not being a health issue for McDonald but choosing which center is playing better:


On OL Ryan Seymour being the fourth center the offense has used this year:

"It's just something you deal with it. We've gotten a lot of reps in practice with both. Certainly got a good number during the game. I don't know the exact count. Ryan was in the 50's I think. He's taken a good amount in practice. We're comfortable with it."

On if the staff is not happy with McDonald or if Seymour has been impressive:

"To me, it's similar to the quarterback situation just a little less of a glamour position. It's competition. You go with the guy you gives you the best chance to win. This is no different."

On if got the kind of effort out of WR Josh Gordon he wanted:

"He took a step in the right direction, I think. I think where it showed up really was also in his run blocking. He was – you could see – a little bit more revved up in the run blocking stuff than he had been in the past. Again, I wasn't here so I can't speak on it to compare. His effort, his intensity was raised up. Part of it, too, I think, he and their secondary were going at it a little bit. He ended up with the penalty because I think it spilled over some, which as we talk about we have to keep our composure, control our emotions. That's all part of it. The fact that he was much more intense – I thought his effort on a lot of plays was outstanding."

On DB Joe Haden:

"No challenge is too big. He looks forward to it. He's not a guy that kind of shies away from that. I think there are times when it's certain coverages or situations where we're not putting him on maybe their No. 1. He wants it, but he's as good a team guy as I've been around. He'll say, 'Coach, wherever you need to use me.' To me, it's been kind of a hallmark of our style of defense, our system, to have that type of corner that you can lock down one receiver or one side of the field and be able to kind of allocate resources coverage wise elsewhere. To me, it's high level. He's just improved as the year's gone on. I think technique wise buying in to the what we're teaching as far as the subtleties of playing the position, whether it's coming from (assistant defensive backs coach) Aaron Glenn or (assistant defensive backs coach) Bobby Babich or (secondary coach) Jeff Hafley. He's gotten much better with his hands and staying much more balanced in coverage. He's always had a great feel for timing, as well. I can't say enough. I'm glad you brought it up because I can't say enough of how well Joe's playing at this point."

On Gordon's performance being outstanding against the Bills:

"On some plays. I was referring more to the run game. It wasn't every snap. I don't know if we could find a player that was outstanding effort on every play, but to me, it's an increase. It's headed in the right direction, as far as the consistency of it."

On it seeming like the miscommunication between Gordon and Hoyer worsened in their second game together:

"I wouldn't say that. I don't know if it's a significant difference enough one way or the other to judge that."

On Gordon slowing up on routes in traffic over the middle and if he has to run through those routes:

"Yeah, there are some, and you're reading coverage because it's zone or man. Zone you're going to sit. To me, it is a symptom of being on the same page as far as what you're seeing. You get teams that disguise their coverages well. That makes it more difficult. If you feel you're in a zone where it's sit done and avoid. If you've drawn man coverage then we're going to try to run through it. Then, when you get into some combo coverages it makes it a little bit more different when a guy's being double, just as far as how they're reading it. That just comes with time and reps of getting on the same page."

On a play where Gordon went deep and Hoyer threw short:

"I'm not going to go back and go through a play-by-play of specifics. It's Colts week."

On if RB Isaiah Crowell will practice today:

"I think so. He was just out going through the walkthrough. Probably could have gone yesterday, but we just wanted to make sure and give him that extra time off. We'll get a much better feel for where he is today."

On how LB Karlos Dansby responded in yesterday's practice and what it means to have a veteran player who is aggressive in trying to get back on the field:

"You're dead on with the word. He's been beyond aggressive trying to get back. We knew whatever span they gave us, whether it's four to six. We knew it'd be three. Just the way he is, the way he approaches it, how important it is to him – that just speaks to who he is. Just one of the many reasons why he's here because the young guys see that, and that's a great example for them – 'Hey, you're given a certain amount of time. Doesn't mean it has to be that.' When we say, 'Leave no stone unturned,' or, 'Do everything you can do.' Whether he's been in the building or out of the building, everything for him has been about, 'I need to get back on the field.'

On if the risk-reward with Gordon is greater than he expected because he was in offensive meetings during his suspension or if meetings don't solve the problem:

"There's no substitute for seeing it, whether it's you can talk through certain things or go over in a meeting and watch tape, but until you're out there running it and you see it, to me, it's a world of difference. For some guys that get it in the classroom and can't carry it over to the field or vice versa where they just don't have a good feel for it classroom wise then they need to go out and walkthrough it and then rep it. Obviously, still feel it was worth it, and Josh is improving. He's getting better every day on the practice field, and we're looking for big things this weekend."

On how well he got to know Colts LB D'Qwell Jackson before he was released by the Browns and if Jackson didn't fit his scheme:

"I don't think it was ever a scheme fit. I visited with him once briefly, but that was very early on in my time here. That decision being made, I was very much a part of kind of assessing who was out there. Dansby was a guy that had been on my radar, as I've talked about before, from Buffalo. We had gone so far as we brought him in for a visit. I think we were in it right to the end, and he ended up going to Arizona. That seems like eight years ago, but I had very little interaction."

On if the process of choosing the starting quarterback earlier in the week has motivated Hoyer:

"I think that's potentially a positive byproduct of it. It's not something that, 'Hey, let's do it and this is a reason why.' It may be a better question for him. He's responded to challenges in the past. There's no reason to think he won't this time."

On why the Browns have kept DB Johnson Bademosi when he primarily plays special teams:

"To me, he should be in the discussion from a Pro Bowl standpoint for special teams. I know missing the time has hurt him, but he is an elite teamer, very smart. He's basically a back-up for us at several positions. The situation hasn't come up in a game yet to use him, but he played corner in the preseason for, could get us out of a game there if need be. His main position is safety. We're very pleased with what he gives us teams wise. Then, we have (Browns WR) Marlon (Moore), who's very similar circumstances on the offensive side. I think that's tough. If you don't build your roster where you kind of have some guys that are core teamers and then kind of work their way backwards into the offenses and defenses as guys that can give you some quality reps. Most teams have guys like them. I think we're fortunate to have two of the better ones."

On if he has an appreciation for the gunner position on punts:

"I do. It's difficult. It's very important. A lot of times, those guys are getting doubled. You see the respect. He gets doubled a lot when he's out there. Those are plays that can – only maybe six to 10 a game, however many times you punt – it can change a game so it's critical to have quality guys out there."

On how he feels about the Browns' tight ends going into the game with TEs Jordan Cameron day-to-day and Gary Barnidge out:

"Losing Gary is tough. It's something we'll have to overcome. Jordan practiced yesterday, and we'll see if he can put another good day out there for us. We're optimistic, cautiously, that he can go, but we've been here before. (Browns TE) Ryan Taylor's given us some quality reps. He came off the bench, and basically after only a handful of plays, when Barnidge went down and gave us some quality work. (Browns tight ends coach) Brian Angelichio does a good job with that room. Those guys are always prepared. If we just end up with (Browns TE Jim) Dray and Taylor we can manage. We'd like to look forward to getting Jordan back."

On what challenges Colts QB Andrew Luck presents:

"His escape ability is among the best in the league. So many of his plays are made by being off schedule. He can make the read, make the throw with the best of them, but he has a Roethlisberger-type element to him where he can make guys miss. Then, the other thing, to me, that it amazing when you watch him is he's not afraid to get hit. He takes some big shots during games. We call it 'taking one for the team.' He'll go ahead and deliver a throw and follow through and he's getting blasted where some quarterbacks are looking to avoid that. His priority concern is making a good throw and whatever happens after the throw happens. I'm sure they cringe as a staff as some of the hits he's taken. A lot of their big plays have come as a result of that."

On Colts RS Josh Cribbs and Colts RB Trent Richardson saying they hope to jump into the Dawg Pound after scoring touchdowns and if he'd challenge his defense and special teams to prevent that from happening:

"We don't want anybody with a horseshoe on their helmet in the end zone, doesn't matter who they are. We're hopeful that they would be greeted appropriately by the Dawg Pound if those circumstances did occur."