Uncle of Malissa Williams, killed in police chase, responds to federal findings

Uncle of Malissa Williams speaks out on DOJ findings

The Attorney General's findings Thursday do not take a position on whether police broke the law during Cleveland's 2012 deadly police chase.

It does say the incident, where Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams were killed, underscores serious shortcomings within the department. Chief Investigator Carl Monday talked with Williams's uncle today.

"What do you think your niece would say if she had a chance to watch Eric Holder on TV today?," Monday asked.

"I believe she would be very upset," said Walter Jackson. "Probably pissed off that the cops are still reckless....and do what they want to do all because they have a badge and a gun. She would be upset. Timothy Russell would be upset.

"That was one of the worst situations in Cleveland, with my niece Malissa Williams & Timothy Russell," Jackson said."Things cops do, what they do right now is totally uncalled for.  Lot of them walk around here and they are actually the law.

"I really do think they use excessive force to let the people know we are the cops, and you all got to live by our rules and regulations," Jackson said.

"Distrust between black community and police; Is it real or perception?" Monday asked.

"It's like, it goes way back," Jackson said. "No, this is like history. It's not going to stop."

"Is the report basically for show or you think its going to have some constructive results?" Monday asked.

"I hope it's not for show," Jackson said. "I hope he wasn't just saying it to pacify the community. I hope what he said would actually manifest itself and take place and see some changes. That's all we can hope for."

Jackson didn't see the actual Eric Holder news conference or read the report.  But says he knows first hand, that fixing what's wrong in the Cleveland Police Department will take more than just words.

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