19 Action News Investigation: How Cleveland Police shootings happen

Investigation shows differing reasons for force by Cleveland Police

Since the Department of Justice has been talking about excessive force by Cleveland Police, we did some digging to look at how recent police shootings have happened.

Most of the talk these days surrounds the recent deadly Cleveland Police shooting of 12-year-old Tamir Rice. Rice was a big kid with an airsoft-type BB Gun that looked powerful. An officer shot him in a confrontation that lasted about two seconds.

Back in October, police say a man on E. 146th pulled a gun on them. They shot and wounded him. Hours later, a few miles away, a man shot and wounded a cop. Police then shot and wounded him.

Weeks before that on Kinsman, a sergeant shot and killed a man after police say he pointed a gun at the officer.

In July, Cleveland police shot and wounded Tayron Diaz saying he pointed a gun at them. And in June, police on the city's far east side shot and wounded a man with a knife during a domestic call.

Back in May, officers shot and wounded a man with a gun in Slavic Village. They say he threatened cops after he shot and wounded someone else.

Also in May on the near east side, police shot and wounded a suspected robber outside a Family Dollar when they say he struggled with an officer.

But then take the case of Kip Holloway. Police shot and wounded him in the arm, but he didn't have a gun. Holloway and two others were suspected of breaking into a business, and they were chased down in a neighborhood.  A judge later threw out charges against Holloway.

This summer a jury also cleared an unarmed man shot and wounded by police a year ago.

The new head of the police union argues officers react to the moves of suspects, yet he adds Cleveland Police have shot less then ten suspects this year in about 400,000 calls.

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