Name That Scam: Fake gift cards and bank statement scams

Name That Scam: Fake gift cards and bank statement scams

. - You may be “lovin it” when it comes to eating it. But there's a new slogan targeting McDonald's customers. Fall for it, and your friends may be ‘hatin' you. It's part of this weeks Name That Scam.

If you eat at McDonalds, be on the lookout for a fake message on Facebook, claiming that you can click a link to get a McDonald's gift card worth $250. The message is an attempt to trick you into spamming your friends with the fake offer. Crooks will also try to collect your personal information.

If you see this post, report it to Facebook. You can find details in the

Now, attention Kmart shoppers. Don't fall for a message on Facebook that claims you can get a $1,000 Kmart gift card for free by clicking a link. It's a trick to collect your personal information. Scammers get money for each person that clicks and shares the bogus post. If you see this, report it to Facebook. Again through their help center

Finally, this next message could give thieves your banking information. The email says it contains statements from your bank. Cyber criminals are trying to fool you into opening an attachment. If you do, it could install a virus or take you to a malicious website.

The note claims to be from a legitimate company called Automatic Data Processing. If you get it, report it to


If you ever think there is a problem, contact your bank directly.

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