Tamir Rice Family files federal lawsuit

Tamir Rice Family files federal lawsuit

The attorney for the Tamir Rice family has filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of mom Samaria Rice.

Attorney Tim Kucharski is expected to speak on the matter this upcoming Monday.

Rice obtained representation when her 12-year-old son died after being shot at the Cudell Recreation Center by a Cleveland Police Officer.

At the time of the shooting police say they were under the impression that Tamir had a real gun which was later found to be a BB gun.

According to the police department, Officer Timothy Loehmann shot Tamir after they say he would not comply to three verbal commands and went for his weapon.

Video of the incident was released to the public and the investigation is ongoing.

Protesters have demonstrated that they feel the officer's use of deadly force was excessive.

The news of this lawsuit comes just two days after Tamir's funeral.

Click here to read the complaint as filed.

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