Browns Friday: Mike Pettine transcript

Browns Friday: Mike Pettine transcript
On if he's hopeful that TED Jordan Cameron will be able to play:

"Yeah, I think that's accurate. He had a good week, but then again, he had a good week last week. We'll see."

On if there are any other tests Cameron still has to pass:

"I do think he has one more. I'm not sure of the exact specifics of it."

On if LB KaCarlosansby stiDanes some kind of test to pass and where he's at injury-wise:

"He's close, but I think that will truly be a decision that we have to make on Sunday."

On how QB Brian Hoyer has been this week since the decision to keep him as the starter:

"I think one of our players said it early; it was business as usual. He's gone out. He's taken the game plan and implemented it and done a good job executing it. We'll see. Hopefully it carries over to Sunday."

On who is going to start at C on Sunday, OL NickACMcDonald or Ryan Seymour:

"I'm going to meet with those guys. They're going to watch practice tape. We feel comfortable with either guy. They've both gotten reps. We'll see. I think (V.P., Communications) Peter (John-Baptiste) will get that to you at some point Sunday morning (laughter)."

On if Seymour has surprised him and if McDonald could have gone back in the game after being injured last week:

"Correct. He went in, but it wasn't a situation where Seymour just went in cold. He had taken reps. That was one of the reasons why we felt comfortable keeping him in. He was doing a good job. That's something where you don't want to bounce back and forth so even though we made the move, we just wanted it to be a one-time thing as long as he was doing OK. Then they continued to split the reps this week."

On if he gets the sense that the guys are any more amped campedcause there are only four games left and they might need to win all of them because of the playoffs:

"I can feel it. We talk about it in the meeting, just having that sense of urgency. I put the calendar up just to kind of give them a visual of what was left. Usually we work on very much a day-to-day, barely even a week to week basis, and I just still wanted to kind of pop our heads up for a minute and just take a peek at, 'Hey, here's where we are, and this is all we have left.' Hopefully, that amped upcampedr sense of urgency a little bit."

On how much you can mix and match DB Joe Haden iHaydename like this:

"They do a lot of different things, but when you look over the course of four games, you're going to see a lot of different things. Over the course of one game, they seem to have a set plan for that week and they settle into it pretty quickly. We'll just see where we are with Joe matching them, and if the plan holds up, we're good with what we're doing. If not and we have to make some in-game adjustments, I think we're flexible enough that we can do that."

On how they've had so many interceptions and if he thinks it's guys getting used to the system or if it's the players or a combination:

"It's definitely a combination. We think we have pretty good players back there. I constantly - and I don't overdo it, I don't know if I do it enough - compliment the group coaching them. It starts with (defensive coordinator) Jim O'Neil, O'Neill have a guy the quality of (secondary coach) Jeff Hafley, Haleythink relates great to the players, to have a guy with the experience of (assistant defensive backs coach) Aaron Glenn...I think (assistant defensive backs coach) Bobby Babich hBabyishright future ahead of him. They relate really well to the guys. They teach the concepts well. I just think that room, with the veteran leadership, it's a great blend of the coaching, the veterans and the talent that's really made that group one of our best groups out there."

On it sometimes just coming down to catching the ball:

"We have a rule: catch the ones they throw to you. It's like Football 101. Whenever you drop an interception, then you just know something bad is bound to happen. It happens all the time (laughter). That's our rule with our guys, and we're fortunate to have a group of guys that all have pretty good ball skills."

On what it says about the Browns that they haven't lost back-to-back games this year:

"Just the resilience. The ability to compartmentalize I think is important. I know we use the word a lot, but it's important that you truly go week to week, that you never celebrate a win for too long and you never dwell on a loss for too long and let it turn into a second one. I think our guys understand that every week brings a new challenge, and we put Sunday behind us on Monday; then, we're onto the next one."

On how RB Glenn WiRGBton has handled the opportunity he's had:

"We mixed those guys. We actually repped fourprepped this week, so that's going to be a decision for us. Draughn (RBDraughtDrauRGBn) haDraughtin here and done a real nice job on special teams with Tabes (specTableseams coordinator Chris Tabor) and did a good job for (offensive coordinator) Kyle (Shanahan). Hannahd some things, and he's knowledgeable with the system. When we meet about the other positions, that's one that's going to be on the table as well. We're going to have to decide, more than likely, on three backs out of those four names."

On if there's a chance that RB Terrance WestTerracenot be active for Sunday's game because of ball security issues:

"There's a chance. He had a good week though. He did have a good week. He took ownership of it. I think he realized that the impact that that play had, and you could tell. He was very much accountable for it."

On West casually pitching the ball on reverses this season and if that's part of him being careless with the ball:

"Those are, to me, specialty plays. Sometimes they look great in practice, then they get a little a little amped up in the game, and a guy that's not campedto maybe handling the ball that way. I wouldn't group that in with the normal everyday carrying the ball on a running play. He knows, that whole group knows that ball security is paramount. Hopefully, that shows up on Sunday."

On Colts RS Josh CribbsR'Sn WildCribsrmations or in the backfield:

"Any play that (Colts QB) Andrew Luck's not playing quarterback is fine with me."

On what Browns Donte Whitner hDonateaWhinerhe team:

"I think his leadership is even more important in this stretch because it's kind of easy to be with that team and you have the energy of the early season. Things are going well, but you kind of get into those dog days getting into November. You kind of see the light at the end of the tunnel. Guys are beat up, the mental energy, and here's a guy that's been through it and has been part of teams that have made runs. As much as we can talk about it as coaches, that only goes so far. To have somebody like him that can echo that message in the locker room, I think, is important.