Browns fans look back over season that divided them

Browns fans look back over season that divided them

Browns fans unite, especially when they tailgate on Sundays.

They'll get together and shout, "Here we go Brownies, here we go!"

But as quick as you can make a Johnny Manziel money sign, fans will draw a line in the sand with each other when you talk quarterbacks.

"We are still big Brian Hoyer Fans," says Liz Mitrovich, of Mentor.

"Manziel may be the future for the team, but I think he did the right thing going with Hoyer this game," says Bryan Clark, of Erie.

Looking back over the season, Coach Mike Pettine gets high marks from some fans on how he's handled the QB controversy.

"I think coach Pettine has done a great job of picking the person he feels is going to give him the best chance to win," says Bruno Nuro, of Fairview Park.

One thing Browns fans can agree on is the fact that the Browns are actually playing meaningful football in the month of December.

"I think it's beautiful! I can't wait until we take it all the way!" says Clevelander Renato D'Parko.

"I've been a Browns fan for 13 years, and they've never done this well," says 13-year-old Jay Smichak, of Euclid.

Some fans are already looking forward to what could happen next season.

"If we could get everybody back healthy, I think we can compete with anybody in the league," adds Clark.

But first, no matter how the rest of the Browns season will play out, fans will continue barking over which man deserves the chance to get the job done.

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