Browns come up short and lose to Colts 25-24

Browns come up short and lose to Colts 25-24

The Indianapolis Colts come into Cleveland to take on the Browns who Is coming off a tough loss to the Bills. The talk of the town was if Johnny Manziel would start since he scored the only Browns touchdown last week against the Bills. Coach Mike Pettine stuck to his guns and announced that Brian Hoyer would remain the starter.

Travis started the game off good with a solid return, but would be called back due to a penalty. Just like recent weeks the Browns offense started off struggling, Hoyer missed a couple passes and receivers dropped catchable balls. The Browns finally started to get going but Hoyer would throw an interception to Mike Adams. The defense was the story for the Browns, at one point Andrew Luck was 3-for-11 for 15 yards.

Speaking of Andrew Luck, he would be the reason for the first score of the game but not in favor for the Colts. Luck would get hit in the endzone and Paul Kruger would force the fumble, Craig Robertson would recover the ball for a Browns touchdown. Browns take


lead right before the end of the first quarter.

The second quarter was much like the first with highs and lows. The lows came off the leg of Billy Cundiff, he would miss a 40-yard field goal that could of put the Browns up by two scores. Luck and the Colts would take full advantage by driving down the field with ease, capping the drive off with an 11-yard rushing touchdown by Luck. Colts tie the game at


The Browns would put together a great drive, converting on multiple 3


down conversions. With 1:14 left in the half Isaiah Crowell would score from 9-yards out giving the Browns a


lead and the Browns would head into halftime with the lead.

It goes without being said but the Browns defense continues to bring it, on the Colts opening drive T.Y Hilton would fumble and the Browns recover. The Browns offense would not turn it into points however.

Browns first-round draft pick Justin Gilbert would get his first career interception and he would make the most of it by turning it into six points. Browns would take a



The Colts would answer with points of their own, but only three. Vinatieri would hit a 51-yard field goal to cut the Browns lead to


T.Y. Hilton would get a 42-yard touchdown to cut into the Browns lead however they would go for the two point conversion and not get it, Browns still up


Seconds into the fourth quarter, Vinatieri would hit a 33-yard field goal, Browns up


With 10-minutes left in the game the Browns defense (see a theme here) shows up with a Jim Leonhard interception. The Browns would turn that into three points. Cundiff would make a 39-yard field goal to give the Browns a



The Colts would get the ball back with 3:46 left down five points. Luck would convert on 3rd and 7 to get a first down and then an offensive pass interference call would give the Colts prime position. From the 3-yard line the Colts would face a 4th and short, they would convert.

Hilton would get his second TD of the game with 36 seconds left in the game. Colts take a 25-24 lead.

Browns could not make anything of it and fall to the Colts 25-24. Hoyer would throw an interception to end the game.

Browns fall to 7-6.
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