Z Files: Pettine's credibility at stake with QB issue

Z Files: Pettine's credibility at stake with QB issue

Mike Pettine supported Brian Hoyer as long as he could. In fact, I believe he stayed with his starting quarterback too long, despite a month-long slide that took the Browns from first to last in the tight AFC North, and put Hoyer's NFL future, at least as a starter, at stake.

Hoyer's career with the Browns is certainly over. Even he marveled at how quickly things change on Monday, saying that just a few weeks ago we were asking him about his next contract, and now we're asking him about his next team.

Of all the numbers we could break out, and there are many,  including his 49% completion rate over the past four weeks, during which he's thrown eight interceptions and only one TD, the most glaring is this: the last 200 times an NFL team received four turnovers and two touchdowns from its' defense, it has won the game 190 TIMES. Hoyer had all of that, and with their slim playoff hopes on the line, couldn't deliver.

Pettine seemed resigned on Monday to making the move to Johnny Manziel. He all but said it when he made it clear multiple times that he had to talk to the players first. He must make the move, because while we're not in the film sessions, and we don't own playbooks, we've all been watching the games, and we know what we see. And sticking with Hoyer any longer would put Pettine's own credibility at stake.

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