Demonstrators disrupt Cleveland City Council meeting

Demonstrators disrupt Cleveland City Council meeting

Before Monday night's city council meeting, several dozen protesters gathered on the steps of city hall and in front of the Free Stamp downtown. They took their demands and chanting into the city council meeting, hoping those in charge will hear their voices.

"How many lives have been lost because of corruption?" asked one in attendance.

It started with one man standing up to read a statement about 45 minutes into the meeting, and grew from there.

"Use of excessive force, we do not consent, and black lives matter," were just several phrases heard throughout the meeting. The group also called for the resignation of Safety Director Michael McGrath.

Extra Cleveland Police Officers were at the meeting, quietly escorting the demonstrators out one by one. The disruptions continued for about 15 minutes, but the council meeting never stopped. In fact, they were able to introduce or approve several motions.

Council introduced ordinances for $110 million in bonds for major investments in the city; targeting roads and bridges, emergency response, city-owned facilities, and new neighborhood projects. They approved contributing $1 million towards a $100 million campaign to restore the Ohio Theatre lobby. They also approved a grant to help fund a program that will help lower the infant mortality rate.

Outside, more than 100 people rallied on the steps of city hall.

In the end, police escorted about 30 people out of council chambers, but no one was arrested.

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