Number of male nursing students surge at Case Western Reserve

Number of male nursing students surge at Case Western Reserve

When Ben Stiller played the role of a nurse in the comedy "Meet The Parents," his character became an iconic reference for men in the nursing field.

"It always kinda made me laugh that he was a male nurse, now it's funny that I'm one of those now," said Nathan Babb,a nursing student from Cleveland.

However, Babb and his classmates aren't laughing as the clock winds down to a final exam at Case Western Reserve University tomorrow.

If you find it unlikely to see a group of guys studying nursing, well, that's because statistically it is.

"So many more guys are coming in seeing what they can do for the practice," said Adam Young, who studied at Ohio University before deciding to enroll in Case's program.

This year, 11 of the 30 students entering Case's master of nursing class were men, the largest number the school has ever seen. 

Nursing School director Deborah Lindell says there's no clear indication if this will become a trend, but since the 1970's the number of male nurses in the country has tripled according to the US Census Bureau.

"In school we're taught females are nurses, males are doctors, said Young.  

Students here say that they're breaking that stereotype.

"We were very excited when we saw the class," said Lindell. She says that more men equals more diversity in the nursing field, which she adds is positive for any industry. 

"The more diverse nursing can be in all respects, the more quality care," said Lindell.

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