Consumer Alert: Fitnesss Trackers for Gifts

Consumer Alert: Fitnesss Trackers for Gifts

Just in time for the holiday shopping season. there's a whole new crop of fitness trackers, even ones for your kids and pets. While most track steps and sleep, others have some unique features like letting you screen calls on your smart phone.

Counting steps can be one of the first steps to getting into shape. But the latest fitness trackers go beyond pedometers that sync with your smartphone.

The new $130-dollar Fitbit Charge replaces the discontinued Fitbit Force but with one major upgrade… Caller ID.

"It's got basic sleep and step tracking. has a clock read out and also gets call notifications. This does not have heart rate tracking," says Scott Stein from CNET.

If there's one word to describe the $200-dollar Basis Peak from Intel it's "automatic."

"It lasts about a week, you can wear it in the shower and it immediately starts analyzing your heart rate and your sleep data to get you feedback and help you set healthy goals, says Scott.

The $200 Microsoft Band is a combination fitness band and smart watch that works with Windows phones, Android and IOS.

"It has a variety of smart notifications. It can show you the weather, you can pay for drinks at Starbucks with a QR code. and it will also download and play workout and heart rate measurements, sleep tracking, the ability to sense UV," says Scott.

Even kids can get in on the action. The $40, water resistant Leapfrog Leapband inspires kids to get moving... with virtual pets. Kids take care of their pets by being active and playing games. Parents can set limits on how long their children can play.

And let's not forget the other member of the family. The $99-dollar Whistle Activity Monitor attaches to your dog's collar and tracks how much your dog walks, plays and rests. it sends updates to your smartphone so you can keep tabs on your pup even when you're apart.

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