RTA bus incident remains under investigation

RAW: RTA surveillance video from Dec. 8, 2014

Cleveland Police and

Police are still investigating Monday's incident on the city's east side. Authorities are trying to determine if shots were fired into the ground at the bus stop at East 115th and St. Clair.

Surveillance video shows three suspects exiting an RTA bus with one suspect brandishing a gun after getting off the bus. It is unclear if any shots were fired. No one was injured.

Summary of incident:

  • Transit Police were the first to arrive on the scene on Monday, December 8, at about 1:44 p.m.
  • The incident happened after the three allegedly robbed a Game Stop on E. 185th and St. Clair.
  • The suspects boarded a bus at that location and exited the bus at E. 115th and St. Clair.
  • After exiting, one of the suspects pulled out a gun.
  • Police are investigating if a shot was fired, but based on the surveillance video, it is unclear that a shot was fired.
  • The suspects fled the scene, but Transit Police apprehended them within minutes and arrested one 18-year-old male and two male teens, both age 15.
  • Transit Police recovered two hand guns. One was loaded and the other was not loaded.
  • The suspects were turned over to CPD in relation to the robbery and Transit Police will continue its investigation into the bus incident.

"RTA Transit Police did a phenomenal job apprehending and arresting the suspects. They arrived on the scene within minutes after the operator contacted RTA and were able to quickly apprehend the suspects," said RTA spokesperson Linda Krecic. "CPD had been called to Game Stop after the robbery but were searching in another area. Transit Police found the three suspects in a backyard near E. 101 and St. Clair. In addition to the weapons, Transit Police recovered the stolen property as well as cash."

Krecic continued, "Our Transit Police are sending a strong message that if you commit a crime on or near RTA property, you will be found, arrested and convicted. Importantly, this entire incident is still under investigation. Surveillance video shows that there was ruckus in the back of the bus before and after the suspects exited. The operator said he heard passengers say that someone had a gun. He made the assumption that the gunman was still on the bus. He opened the door so passengers could exit. He exited the bus and called RTA. Transit Police were dispatched to the scene."

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