Zack Reed Editorial: Let's Fight To Restore Cleveland

Zack Reed Editorial: Let's Fight To Restore Cleveland

Hi, I'm Cleveland City Councilman Zack Reed.

Like all Clevelanders, I am proud of all of the exciting things that are taking place all over our great city.

For this growth to continue in all our neighborhoods for all of our residents, we must work together to stop the senseless epidemic of violence.

We are on pace to exceed 100 homicides in Cleveland this year. Cities double our size in population (like San Francisco and Austin) do not have a homicide rate that is near ours.

This year, I introduced three proposals to reduce violence. The first proposed the hiring of 200 new police officers.

The second was the need for more aggressive community policing and the third I recommended the utilization of new technologies, such as surveillance cameras and body cameras, so that the safety forces can better protect and serve our residents.

I am happy that one of these proposals will be implemented next year.

I will work shoulder-to-shoulder with my colleagues in council on the two that remain.

If we want our city to continue to grow and prosper, we must all work together by stepping up and being the eyes and ears of a city that will not tolerate a small segment of society that is forcing us all to live, play and work in fear.

I have always spoken out against injustice on both sides of the badge and now I ask you to join me in the fight to restore our city. Thank you.

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