How to stay out of a winter work out rut

How to stay out of a winter work out rut

When it comes to working out during the winter, the gym can look like a ghost town. Caesar Britten is a trainer at

and he's seen it happen time and time again.

"They're less motivated to work out because it's so cold and they don't wanna get out," said Britten

Michael Prendergest is new to the Tremont Athletic Club, and frequents the gym at least three times a week. However, he admits the cold weather does affect his schedule.

"I think it does kind of slow down a little bit, but I like to get in a routine first before January 1, also known as the time when when everyone is going to be here," said Prendergest.

Committing to a workout plan is difficult enough without the freezing weather tempting you to stay indoors, but Britten says the point is to be active. Cardio is key.

"Cardio exercise is the most important exercise because you want to exercise the heart. You want to exercise the heart because that leads to diabetes, and high blood pressure," said Britten.

Britten advises that the time to perfect your summer body is during the winter, so it's best to start as soon as possible, rather than waiting until the spring.

"Before you know it, it's summer and bikini season for some of you ladies," Prendergest.

Britten suggests that many simple exercises like planks, tricep dips, and jump rope can be done inside your house without a gym. He also tells people not to focus on how much their exercising, but rather to stay focused on just staying active regularly.

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