Alzheimer's study giving Northeast Ohio patients new hope

Alzheimer's study giving Northeast Ohio patients new hope

OLMSTED FALLS, OH (WOIO) - David and Joyce Babbitt have been married 58 years.

When you ask David Babbitt what their life has been like together he quickly says, “Great, great... We've had a great life.”

But life has recently gotten more challenging.  Joyce has been battling the early symptoms of Alzheimer's.

"I can remember way, way back," Joyce said. "Where I have my problem is five minutes ago - what the heck did I do with that? That type of thing."

But a new drug is giving the Babbitt's new hope along with other patients with mild to moderate symptoms of Alzheimer's. Joyce is participating in the clinical trial.

Dr. Alan Lerner is a neurologist at

, heading up the study of the drug known right now as TA17MA.

"We are looking at a very interesting new compound that may act as a so-called neuroprotectant.  It may help slow the decline," Dr. Lerner said. The study is called the “Noble Study,” which stands for nobody left behind.  Right now, Dr. Lerner is looking for more patients in Northeast Ohio with mild to moderate symptoms of Alzheimer's to participate in the study.

So far, the Babbitt's say it's hard to tell how the drug is working.

"We don't know where we would be if we weren't doing it," David said.

It may take years for this study to be complete.

"It takes a long process to be approved," David said. "We'll probably never see the benefits even if it worked, we won't see the benefits, but someone down the road will."

As soon as their part in the clinical trial ends, Joyce Babbitt will no longer be able to get the experimental drug because it is not yet approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

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