Browns Wednesday: Brian Hoyer transcript

Browns Wednesday: Brian Hoyer transcript
On how he took the news that QB Johnny Manziel would start this week:

"Obviously, I was disappointed, but like I said in my statement yesterday, I respect (Head) Coach (Mike) Pettine and his decision. It's his to be made. It's not mine. Obviously, to start 13 games you don't want to be told with three games left that it's being taken away from you. Disappointed. It hurts, but like I said, I'll be here to support Johnny. I think, for some reason, there's this misconception that Johnny and I don't get along. We were joking about it the other day. I like Johnny. Johnny's a good guy, and this is just a situation we're in. I'll be there to support him. Any questions he has, and in the same sense I'll be ready to play too because you're only one play away. I've been in this position before. So, I'll stay ready."

On how hard it was to go to practice as the No. 2 quarterback today after being the starter all season:

"Yeah, it's tough. Any quarterback who plays in this league wants to start, and when you've been starting for 13 weeks that's not what you want to go do. It's disappointing, and you definitely have to take the right mindset to it and go out and do your job. That's what I'm here to do and that's to help this team in any way I can."

On if he felt like he was playing for his job over the last couple weeks:

"I try not to think about it. You just try to go out and play. Things just didn't work out. We weren't executing. Like I said before, the greatest thing about this sport is it's a team game. Not all the blame goes on one person. For the past three or four weeks, we just haven't executed. It's a team sport. I know being the quarterback you get more of the blame than other people, and that's the job I signed up for. I understand that."

On how he thinks the offense will change with Manziel's skill set:

"I think we've seen Johnny play in the preseason. We've seen when he played before. He and I are different types of players, in that regard. I'm not as mobile as he is. Not to give anything away, but we all know the type of player that Johnny is."

On if everything was OK between him and WR Josh Gordon:

"Yeah, Josh and I have a good relationship. Just this past Saturday, after our meeting I sat down with him. We went over every play that he hadn't practiced. I think the thing with Josh I just the lack or repetition and not being able to be around. I don't think that he's not playing as hard for me as he will on Sunday. It's just taking him time to catch up to where everybody else is, and unfortunately we're going through that in games. It's not just in practice or in OTA's or training camp and that type of thing. I don't think there's any merit to any of that."

On if he's worried that he won't play again for Cleveland:

"I'm not concerned about that. Like I said, I have to be ready to play. That's just the nature of this business. For me, my main concern right now is doing whatever I can to help this team win, whether it's giving a good look on the scout team or helping Johnny prepare. If he sees something that he's not sure about then that's what my job is to do. I'm taking it one day at a time and one week at a time. That's my concern at this moment. I don't want anyone to feel sorry for me. I got to live out a childhood dream, and it's not over. There's still a chance that I do play for this team. I'm proud of what we accomplished when I played quarterback for this team, and you never know what's going to happen. Like I said, right now it's just day to day and trying to help in any way I can."

On if he's seen Manziel become more of a professional:

"Yeah, like any rookie when you come into this league it's not college anymore, and you're learning a new system just like anybody else. He's done a good job of learning it and now get a chance to go execute it."

On how hard it is to live out his childhood dream and not get to see the end of it:

"That's out of my control. The decision's been made. There's no going back. For me, like I said, it's about doing what I can to help this team win and taking it one day at a time."

On if he could see himself being in Cleveland beyond this year:

"I can't think about that right now. I'm sure in the offseason I'll sit down with my family and my agent, decide what's best for me. I think that's what it'll come down to – what's best for my career and what's best for my family. You never rule anything out. Obviously, I'm from here. I love being here, but I think you have to weigh everything when you make a decision like that. That decision is going to be made a long time from now. I'm worried about preparing for the Bengals without really taking any reps. The good thing is I played against them before. So, if I do have to play it's not something that I'm unfamiliar with."

On establishing himself as the starter and wanting to start:

"Anybody who plays or not even anybody you play – anybody who's in this league at this position – wants to play. Now having played for 13 games plus the three last year, I know what it takes to play in this league. Like I said, that's what you base your decision off of. I don't know how things will play out. You never know what's going to happen. Look at (Panthers QB) Cam Newton. He was in a car accident. He was in a life-or-death situation yesterday. You start thinking too far down the road it's for nothing. You never know what's going to happen. Obviously, we hope Cam's doing alright, but you never know what's going to happen. For me, it's just about getting through each day, and if Johnny has a question for me answer it, help him out. If the defense wants me to do a certain look out there that's my job, and that's what I'm here to do."

On if he ever thought that it all got to be too much, particularly talking about his contract and about Manziel:

"No, I don't think so. It's football. Sometimes, the ball bounces the wrong way. Sometimes, the other team's good too, and they make plays. We just had a few rough games, and that's what happened. That's not something I think about, especially when I'm out there playing. It's the furthest thing from my mind. I'm thinking is it Cover 3? Is it Cover 2? That I don't think had anything to do with it."

On if he thinks he still has the ability to be a winning starter:

"Yeah, no doubt. We won a game three weeks ago. We were one play away from winning the game last week. Without a doubt."

On what he expects to see from Manziel on Sunday and if Manziel can win games right away:

"Yeah, Johnny's a good football player. You don't win the Heisman Trophy as a freshman for not being a good football player. You don't get drafted in the first round if you're not a good football player. It'll be good for him to get to practice this week, and then get a chance to go out and play. I can't predict…If you would have asked me last week 'Are we going to beat the

Colts,' I would have said, 'Yeah.' I think he's definitely improved from training camp and throughout the year, and now he'll finally get a chance to go out and play."