Romona's Kids: Caroling for a good cause

Romona''s Kids: Caroling to fight hunger

WILLOWICK, OH (WOIO) - Most kids are writing their wish lists this holiday season, but one local little girl is busy thinking of others and how she can give back to those in need. This week's Romona's Kid is in Willowick.
9-year-old Sofia Plass led dozens of people last weekend in what she calls "Caroling for Cans," going door to door, collecting items for a local food bank this holiday season.
"I'm a very proud mom, my daughter has always been very giving even from the time she was very little," said Jennifer Plass, Sofia's mother.  "She would want to ring the bells with the Salvation Army!"
In school, Sofia read about the less fortunate who can't afford to feed themselves, so she told her mom that she wanted to do something about it.
"Some people don't even have families, they don't have a place to live, they just live on the street and they need help so I just want to stand up and help them and never stop," Sofia said.
Last year, six people went caroling and they collected a trunkload of food. This year, about 50 carolers joined in.
"Even if it snows hard or rains hard I'm not stopping," Sofia said. "All I want to do is help and since I have my friends here with me, it makes me feel a lot better!"
"She wants to help people all the time and I wouldn't be surprised if she wants to be a philanthropist when she grows up," Jennifer said.
The food bank is thrilled that someone so young wants to give to her community. Sofia's group collected over 260 cans and 35 dollars, which will be matched by the Cleveland Pizza Company. And how does it make Sofia feel?

"It just makes me want to cry for happiness," Sofia said.

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