Extraordinarily bold rapist strikes in East Cleveland

Extraordinarily bold rapist strikes in East Cleveland

say someone is cruising the city's streets preying on women.

The attack happened in the heart of the city just off of Noble Road on Nelamere Street.

Authorities say a woman was walking along on the sidewalk when a stranger approached her on a street that has nearby businesses and people's homes just a few feet away.

"A male walked up behind her. Grabbed her and violently attacked her. She ended up with a broken leg," says Detective Shanika Armstead.

The victim was knocked out and woke up behind a building. Due to evidence at the scene, police are treating this as an assault and rape.

Investigators say the suspect is extremely dangerous.

He not only attacked the victim, he did it in broad daylight on Friday, December 5, just before noon.

Detectives are urging everyone to take a good look at the sketch of the suspect.

After the victim regained consciousness she noticed that her keys, jacket and shoes were gone.

She describes her attacker as a Black male with a dark complexion and a patchy goatee with missing teeth.  The suspect looks to be in his 40's and about 5'9" to 6'0" tall.

At the time of the attack he was wearing a black and gray winter skull cap.

"If he was bold enough do to that during the day. He would do it again. I believe if he did that, he has done it before and he will do it again, says Detective Armstead.

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