On The Mark: Manziel-play up the hype, park the hysteria

On The Mark: Manziel-play up the hype, park the hysteria

It is time to lighten up on Johnny Manziel. It is time to stop acting like anytime he is seen out on the town it is exactly the same as him floating on an inflatable swan swilling down adult beverages from the bottle. This has to stop.

When quarterback and coach are both questioned because said signal caller went to a Cavaliers game, on his night off no less, it is time to take a step back. He was at a basketball game, not a frat party. He acted responsibly, not like a drunk buffoon. The game was across the street from where he lived, not miles away from where his playbook was. The guy went to a basketball game on his night off and it was questioned as if he had reprised his role as the Swan Rider. Let. It. Go.

Manziel should not be trusted with an NFL team because he was at a basketball game?  I guess the Redskins should've benched

Oh, that's different because by then he had established himself? That's actually worse. Griffin's level of responsibility was higher than Manziel's, Johnny Football was still Johnny Clipboard at the time.

Manziel watchers, and this includes the press, need to stop searching for mole hills to make mountains of. This is Cleveland. I'm sure the next sports disaster is just around the corner, we sure don't need to go making them up on our own.

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