Policeman in 2013 shooting becomes new field trainer

Policeman in 2013 shooting becomes new field trainer

19 Action News has learned a Cleveland policeman was named a field training officer, even though the feds just outed him for “poor tactics” in the shooting and wounding of an unarmed man.

Officer Vincent Montague accidentally shot a man in the chest. In June 2013, officer Montague was questioning a man about an illegal turn in the Warehouse District. When he reached into the car with his gun drawn, a shot was fired.

Outgoing union president Jeff Follmer defends Montague, saying his gun went off in that shooting because the driver yanked on the gun or tried to grab it. 
Montague was disciplined for that incident, but only for a day.

Now, he'll teach police rookies on the street as a field training officer.
So we investigated how can that happen? 

We found Cleveland field training officers have to volunteer and be recommended by two bosses. They go through a background check, get reviewed by a board of five members, plus get tested. 

So with Montague, the Warehouse District shooting would have been considered.
We're seeing a spotlight on training officers now since the police shooting of 12-year-old Tamir Rice. A training officer drove the car as a rookie jumped out and came face to face with a boy reaching for an airsoft-style pellet gun that looked like a high-powered handgun.
Back to officer Montague's shooting, the recent Department of Justice report on Cleveland Police use of force points to “poor tactics” in that case, and a violation of use of force policy.
The driver is suing Cleveland Police in federal court.
Montague has been named a field training officer, but he is not yet paired with a rookie.

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