Local organizations join forces for toy gun buyback event

Local organizations join forces for toy gun buyback event

More than 100 toy guns were turned in to The Rid-All Foundation and the Gloria Pointer Teen Movement for the toy gun buyback Saturday afternoon at the

on Broadway Avenue.

The timing of the Tamir Rice case has accelerated the toy or fake gun buyback event.

The “Toy Gun Buy Back Program” is described as an opportunity to remove the “toys” from the streets while at the same time providing an alternative to guns as toys for children while offering parents information on what they see as more sustainable and productive activities and programs.

The buyback furthers Rid-all's “Shoot Hoops Not Guns” program started a few years ago with the support of local stars such as retired Cavaliers point guard Austin Carr, and local caterer Tom Paige. “The goal of our programming is to raise awareness for parents who purchase their children guns, and to put something else in their hands (rather than a toy gun) that is sustainable,” said Damien Forshe, co-founder of the Rid-All Foundation.

Yvonne Pointer, founder of The Gloria Pointer Teen Movement Foundation said, “We need to do whatever we can to stop the violence. This may not be the cure-all, but it is a start in the right direction.”

The concept is simple. According to Pointer, you teach your kids not to play with scissors, why is it acceptable to teach them to play with guns?

"These guns today that look so real, we certainly have to say to children, 'This is an unacceptable toy for you to play with,'" explained Pointer.

Along with Rid-All and The Gloria Pointer Teen Movement, the National Council of Jewish Women, Cuyahoga County Prosecutor's Office, Khnenmu Foundation Lighthouse Center, Inner Visions of Cleveland, PolicyBridge and Kings Queens of Art are support thing this effort.

For more information on the Toy Gun Buy Back, please contact Gloria Pointer Teen Movement at 216-999-8573 or Rid-All at 216-990-8191.

If you would like to donate, contact the group through the


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