Low gas prices drive SUV and truck sales

Low gas prices drive SUV and truck sales

MAPLE HEIGHTS, OH (WOIO) - Tia Malone of Cleveland is about to take home the car she's been hoping for, a 2014 Ford Escape. She said this is her first car purchase ever.

"It's very exciting," said Malone with a smile.

Low gas prices have something to do with her choice of an SUV.

"When I seen gas at $1.99....absolutely," she added.

Malone says she saw the cheap gas in East Cleveland. Others have called in with low prices like that all around the area. 

In fact, gas prices are the lowest they've been in four years. According to AAA, the average price per gallon is $2.54 across the country.  The average price here in Ohio: $2.41.

Daniel Jenkins or Bedford helped Malone pick out her Ford Escape.

"What it was was, what she wanted in a car, plus it was size effective, and the gas mileage was pretty good. With gas prices going down, it was actually affordable," said Jenkins. 

Michael Press, who is front and center in the sales department at Liberty Ford in Maple Heights, has seen sales of SUV's and trucks pick up recently.

"Absolutely, we are seeing a lot of people come in on the SUV's and full sized trucks since these great gas prices have hit," said Press. 

But even with low gas prices, customers still want good fuel economy.    

"We still considered if the prices did actually inflate, we could still afford to drive this SUV.  In those terms, it was a very smart decision," added Jenkins.

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