Cleveland councilwoman starts petition drive to bring back police mini-stations

Cleveland councilwoman starts petition drive to bring back police mini-stations

Councilwoman Dona Brady, working in conjunction with Westown Community Development Corporation, has begun circulating petitions urging Mayor Frank Jackson and Police Chief Calvin Williams to reopen neighborhood police mini-stations.

Brady stated that she will invite other community organizations, council members and residents to join the initiative.

Brady says the mini-station program was highly successful in her ward by helping to keep neighborhoods safer and more peaceful. Since their disbandment in 2006, Brady believes residents have experienced less positive interaction with police and a significant increase in neighborhood nuisances, gang activity and crime.

"Police officers stationed in mini-stations in specific neighborhoods got to know residents by name. They identified the issues in the community as they routinely patrolled specific areas and became familiar with their territory. The officers built relationships with the residents and gained their trust" Brady said.

The mini-station program is consistent with the Department of Justice and the Cleveland City Planning Commission's community safety goals.

In its report, the Cleveland City Planning Commission stated:

"Expand the scope of existing police services in our neighborhoods to include beat cops, police mini-stations, and auxiliary police."

The United States Department of Justice report concluded that:

"A police department dedicated to community policing not only reactively responds to calls for service but also proactively works with the community to create safer, more secure neighborhoods by identifying and addressing the root causes of crime.

"In doing so, the community and the police department together promote greater public safety. This type of police-community partnership is desperately needed in Cleveland."

For several years Brady has consistently called on the Mayor and Police Chiefs for reinstatement of the neighborhood mini-stations.

Councilwoman Brady says that the residents continue to tell her that they want their mini-station officers back. She says the time is long overdue.

To get involved, pick up a petition at Westown CDC, 10313 Lorain Ave., or call Westown Executive Director Rose Zitiello at 941-9262, email her at or download the petition from their Web site All petitions should be returned to Westown CDC.

Councilwoman Dona Brady is available for interviews and can be reached at 216-374-6264.

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