Dominic Mancuso's Editorial: NFL Conduct

Dominic Mancuso's Editorial: NFL Conduct

Conduct on the football field, even with its restrictions, is not okay for players in their lives off the field. Just look at recent cases where players were initially barely punished for slugging a lover, disciplining a child too harshly and for substance abuse violations.

The new NFL personal conduct policy spells that out in no uncertain terms. In part, it says that players will face stiff penalties, including banishment from the NFL if they cross the line with domestic violence, a crime against a child, a violent crime or sexual assault. Many of these players have grown up being told that they are just short of Gods since high school and not subject to rules mere mortals must follow.

Predictably, the players union is fighting to lessen some of those penalties as if highly-paid, often pampered players are somehow more special than others. They are not. The players need to understand that and know that they're being watched and held to a higher standard.

We support the new, tougher mandates instituted by the NFL. We expect everyone to fall in line, including the commissioner, and that the league follows its own conduct policy to act fairly, swiftly and without regard to who violates the rules.

I'm Dominic Mancuso and that's how we see it.

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