Baby found inside locked car at Tower City, mom located

Baby found inside locked car at Tower City, mom located

Cleveland Police are investigating a baby boy found locked inside of a car at

Thursday morning.

The call came in just before 8:30 a.m. of a child inside a car in the lower parking lot.

As she stepped out of her car after arriving for another day at work Samantha VanDerbosch could not believe what she was seeing.

"I glanced over to my left and I realized that this was a child, at first I thought it was doll, but I realized it was a child, "said VanDerbosch.

Like any mom would, Vandenbosch had a few matchbox cars in her purse, and until police arrived, put them to good use.

"I was running them across trying to keep him content because there were a lot of people around," stated VanDerbosch.

And then put her phone to work.

"I was playing movies for him on my phone trying to make him smile because he was crying on and off," explained VanDerbosch.

Police eventually had to break one of the windows to get the boy out. EMS transported him to the MetroHealth Medical Center ER for observation.

"They reached in and grabbed him out of the seat, the police officer turned around he reached out to me so I held him until the ambulance got there," said VanDerbosch.

After running the license plate, officers located the child's mother at her job inside Tower City.

VanDerbosch said the little boy was still nice and warm and seemed fine. She later learned the boy is the son of a coworker, a woman she doesn't know.

"I really feel that there was no neglect on her part, the day just got away from her unfortunately," says VanDerbosch.

The mother and child live in Medina County.

There are no charges filed at this time.

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