Cleveland judge temporarily suspended from bench

Cleveland judge temporarily suspended from bench

The Ohio Supreme Court has temporarily suspended the law license of Municipal Court Judge Angela Stokes. It has also removed her from the bench until the case for a permanent license suspension is heard in the spring.

Earlier the disciplinary counsel investigated Stokes' courtroom behavior. A preliminary finding said she abused defendants, attorneys, her staff and wasted court resources. It recommended an interim suspension, she protested, but today it came.

The order was signed by Supreme Court Chief Justice Maureen O'Connor, suspending Stokes. She must cease and desist from the practice of law,she can't advise anyone legally, and is immediately suspended from the bench without pay.

Specific allegations include a man being required to make 19 appearances after a second DUI. A woman was nearly terminated from her nursing school program after being required to come to court on several occasions for 8 hours at a time.

For now, the city is off the hook for her salary, which could help pay the $116,728.54 the city has spent defending her. So far, the bills continue to come in.

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