New AT&T U-verse high-speed internet for Cleveland businesses

New AT&T U-verse high-speed internet for Cleveland businesses

AT&T Business Fiber provides upload and download speeds up to 300 megabits per second with future plans to reach up to 1 gigabit per second. The  no-contract service supports business important applications such as video conferencing, working in the cloud and disaster recovery.

“With 300 megabits per second, businesses could download five gigabits of high-definition video in two minutes and better connect with their customers, business partners and suppliers,” said Adam Grzybicki, President of AT&T Ohio. “AT&T Business Fiber will be a game changer for Cleveland area businesses looking for highly secure, fast transactions.”

Cleveland is the latest market to have access to AT&T Business Fiber. It joins Atlanta; Austin, Texas; Chicago; Dallas; Detroit; Fort Worth, Texas; Houston; Indianapolis; Kansas City, Kan; Kansas City, Mo.; Miami; Orlando, Fla.; Sacramento, Calif.; San Antonio; San Francisco; San Jose, Calif; and St. Louis.

Specifically, AT&T Business Fiber can help businesses more quickly and efficiently complete:

• Uploading and downloading large data files and images;

• Sharing large files with employees or customers in other locations;

• Uploading edits to company websites;

• Backing up data remotely in the cloud at one or multiple locations; and

• Video conferencing with suppliers, business partners and customers.

Not available in all building locations. To learn if AT&T Business Fiber is available in your building, please visit:

For more information about other products and services available to businesses, please visit:

or call 800-660-3000.

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